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Healing Journey

I walked into this photo shoot nervous as always ... I feel awkward AF in front of a camera but again, more healing unfolded with each laugh, smile & pose

Behind those beautiful flowers is a part of me that continues to heal with every breath that flows through me as the Explant heal deepens

Once you become more comfortable allowing yourself to feel however you feel... you begin to heal

This physical & emotional healing journey includes many highs & lows which is a natural part of any journey

Allowing yourself to feel everything without any judgment is so important to the healing process

I allowed new emotions to arise & feel them whole hearted

Confident, Sexy, Beautiful, Feminine

And it felt exhilarating

Years ago I said I loved myself

Today I adore, honour, respect & value 🥰 who I am

And I can’t wait to feel what the years to come bring on

Wherever you’re sitting with your healing journey.... whatever, however that looks for you

Just keep putting one foot in front of the other feeling all the feels along the way

We got this together xo

@ nicholaknoxphotography

Thank you for making me laugh at all the right awkward moments xo That was a BLAST!

You are talented my friend xo

@symonsvalleyranchmarketstore thanks for the wood :)

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