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Lessons from 2020

Ahhh 2020 you’ve been quite the teacher

As much as I’ve been coaching my own clients through a lot of this unknown,

I’ve been learning a shit ton about myself too —- which has been amazing ***

And somewhere within the world pandemic my “Don't care what anyone else thinks” meter took an even deeper dive into the depths of my soul

We spend so much of our lives doing & being what we think others need us to do.

Somewhere along the journey an awakening happens or will happen if you’re ready & open; where we uncover who we are meant to be in this lifetime

Even after the amazing awakenings, the mind/ego has a habit of nagging us, sabotaging us into believing We really need to care what others think of us in order to be successful, own our power, walk in our truth, make our own choices, live our own life


“Care about what other people think & you will always be their prisoner” -


A couple of years ago - this quote resonated deeply

What I know for sure ....the weight of other people’s thoughts can and will become too much of a burden for you. It will inhibit you from living the life you want and love

Full disclosure - I analyzed this Picture far to long because I thought my ass looked huge & my hairs a hot mess 🤷🏻‍♀️

The skill of making an effort to stop giving a damn what others think is a daily practice, almost like a meditation practice

Practicing positive loving mind chatter daily works to release it

I’m better than two years ago, I’m hundred times better than last month, and today I am 100% me

I see the world through different lenses... mine

Once you give up catering to others peoples opinion & thoughts, you will find out who you truly are, what you believe inside, & the freedom that comes

Looking forward to many more minutes, days, weeks, months and years hearing my soul speak love to me


If you’re ready to go deeper, stop the habit of pleasing everyone around you - send me a DM and let’s chat

Much Love,

Krista K

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