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Self Care

When I first started down the path of radical self care, self love ... choosing to live an authentic life was on the top of my list.


I actually wrote it on a rock that sits on my desk at home so I see it at all times


Authenticity isn’t something we have or don’t have... for me, it’s a daily practice. It’s a moment to moment choice of how we want to live our lives. What comes out of my mouth, what my actions are


Today I escaped to where I feel peace calm and in alignment with who I am. The mountains.


One thing I know to be truer than true... I need my alone time. I need my down time. I need the moments where I feel connected to myself, my thoughts, my beliefs, my truths. Recharging 101.


The coolest thing is, the more compassion, love, grace and gratitude I show myself, the more I have for others.


Today is a fantastic beautiful day to be alive .... every day I get to breath another lung full of oxygen is a gift from God

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