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The Unraveling

11 days I’ve been completely off the social media world… Deleted all the things from my phone.  Weird and FREEING on so many levels.  I’ve had a few emails from you guys asking how I am,  where I am,  and what’s going on:) I deeply appreciate you checking in via emails & WhatsApp feels a little old school with emailing back & forth but I’m digging’ it.

I am currently sitting in a hammock, swinging under some palm trees, listening to the waves crash in our small little town where we’re building a home in Costa Rica

 (pictured …the view is probably my favourite part )

It’s exactly what my soul is longing for at this moment. It feels right, for right now.As many of you probably know my work as a Life coach over the past 8 years has been specialising in people pleasing and setting boundaries—which was born through my own realisationothers' that I grew up in a home that made sure others needs were met before my own, and not understanding the powerful word “no”  was modelled daily. Years ago, I found myself googling

 “why do I say yes when I really mean no“


 “how do I say no without hurting someone’s feelings”

This ultimately led me down my own healing & discovery journey to saying No, becoming a recovered people pleaser (which is a daily learn) & so much more which is what I want to talk to you about today—->

After 8 years of showing up, doing the same thing… I know I’m made for more. I’m not here to placate or appease. Which is exactly what People Pleaser do right down to fine art.

Over the past few years working with my clients privately we dive into so much more than people pleasing & setting boundaries. We go into exploring our limiting beliefs, addictions, inner child healing, Communication with partners, spirituality, unhealthy patterns that hold us back,  the power of our breath, meditations, creating Safe places to be ourselves.

What I feel unraveling within myself  is expansion, growth - a new level of healing

a new awareness that even I’m still unsure of - but it’s coming

If we want something different in our lives - we must be willing to do something different

Face different parts of ourselves we’ve suppressed

Take different actions in order to have something different.

This is a journey I’m currently on -

Stay tuned… This stuff is exciting xo

𝓚𝓻𝓲𝓼𝓽𝓪 𝓚𝓸𝓴𝓸𝓽 xo

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