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You, my friend, are the difference

This time is different.

Being down here in Costa Rica is different this time around - 4 weeks after returning from Canada,

Almost 3 years later of back & forth

The weather is the same, the cultures the same, our house is the same… Nothing is really changed except for one thing.


There have been times I’ve spoken to potential clients asking me what’s gonna make the difference with this coaching as opposed to other counsellors coaches therapist they’ve worked with before in their life before.

The answer is always the same “You will make the difference”

Sometimes we do need to make changes in our life. They don’t have to be big. They can be very small.

Getting up earlier

Drinking more water

Speaking up

Staying quiet

Walk around the block


Focusing on our breathing

And sometimes you’re approach to something you have done before will be the difference

your intention behind it, your why, your focus

A lot of you have followed my journey over the past few years as the adjustment down to Costa Rica has not been an easy one for me, I’ve not hidden that

I have tried many times to put on a smile & act like it’s all ok

And sometimes they were genuine and other times, they were “fake it till you make it”I knew that if anything was gonna change for me down here, I had to be the one to make the internal shifts

It always starts with YOU. With what is going on inside

How can you show up to the “thing” differently?

Mine looked like this…Went off social media & and took a complete break from coaching private clients.

That was probably one of the scariest things I’ve ever done, and in the same breath was very easy to do. I have not taken an extended break from any type of work in my entire life.

What was I thinking? Full disconnect full rest what am I gonna do with myself? What are you gonna do with my days? What am I gonna do with my time?

However, as I preach, my body was speaking at me to do this loud and clear with some physical symptoms that were giving me cause to pause.

After realigning myself into actually being present here

Putting myself in my husband’s shoes & how he sees it down here(he loves it & I wanted to really see/feel that through him)

I’ve enjoyed every moment of being here in our small town of Samara, Costa Rica

What’s different? ME.

I want to invite you to look at areas of your life you want different/change

Is there something you need to take ownership of

can you change the intent around it

can you take action in a different way

Approaching something with a fresh perspective, even if its something you’ve done many times before, can lead to new insights, efficiencies, and improvements. It’s about being open to innovation, learning from past experiences, and trying a new way of doing something

Especially if its something you truly want in your life

𝒦𝓇𝒾𝓈𝓉𝒶 𝒦𝑜𝓀𝑜𝓉 xo

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