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And Certified After 6 Years

And Finally! 6 years after I decided to become a Professional Lifecoach - I’m officially Certified I believed if you were to be rich, successful & respected in any field of life, you needed to be the kind of smart that’s only found in going to school & reading all the books And I believed that wasn’t me. I had to really apply myself in school & even then I liked to talk A LOT Let’s be honest.... I was there for the social aspect — I was 1 credit short from graduating high school 🤷🏻‍♀️ (I finally got my high school diploma when I was 23 taking an online accounting course with a baby on my lap) just to prove to myself I could do it

Imposter syndrome has reared its head many times over the course of my life especially walking this road of a Business woman in entrepreneurship🏻‍♀️ I knew I was wise & had a hella lot of life experience in order to help others but the feeling of being a fraud, found out or that I was faking kept knocking.... It wasn’t until I began my journey of self development & becoming aware of where the core of those feelings were rising from Not Enough just as I was & Low Self Esteem, Self Worth & didn’t value who I was crated to be It wouldn’t have mattered if I’d gotten 17 degrees & had 34 letters behind my name... nothing would’ve “fixed” that feeling of “Not enough-ness” until the inner healing took place After years of helping hundreds of humans from all walks of life, not once did I get asked if I had a Life Coaching Certificate Soooooo today after five months of schooling ... I DID IT! When COVID hit... I thought, why not?? And I loved every single second of it! Imagine that??? 🥰 I learned many new amazing ways to become even more proficient at my craft So go ahead & ask me if I’m certified. Yes Yes I am. However my worth is not tied up in that piece of paper...

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