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The Big Move

From the moment we announced that we were selling everything, packing up & moving to Costa Rica after 26 years in Calgary, we had mostly an outpouring of love & support.

Just like any big changes that happen in our life, there’s people that you “think” would be supportive or there for you - seem to fade to the back. And there’s new beautiful humans that step up & share in your joys & tears.

One thing I’ve learned over my short 47 years alive is you take them both as a blessing - they’re both teaching you something about them & everyone single person deals with change differently & from their own perspective.

I’d have to say - whom I’ve chosen to surround myself with was & is extremely evident through times like this.

TIP TIME**** don’t wait until it’s too late to tell someone how you feel about them or how they make you feel.

We had the most beautiful words, hugs & thoughts shared with us during the transition & we’ll forever treasure each word as this adventure unfolds.

It may feel weird or strange to you to share & speak them if you’re not familiar with it but to the person receiving it - they will always remember. xo I promise Thank you, my loves for sharing your hearts with me.

These are just a few of the outpouring of support…..

“As you fly away to pursue your dreams , just know how loved and special you are. Distance does not define friendships I look forward too, to your journey there and all the ups and downs there as well. Because wherever we go, there you are and all your Being. Soar high as you live your dreams. Much love kiddo”

“Unbelievably amazing Krista!!! I’ll be continuing to follow your journey, if you ever decide to host a retreat of some kind once you’re settled ~ I’d love to know. Many many blessings and prayers as you continue to embark on your new adventure”

“Krista, I wish you great happiness in Costa Rica. The world is pretty crazy right now and I can’t think of a better place to move. The sound of those waves every single day and the peace & serenity - Love you my beautiful friend”

“Your future is going to be filled with all sorts of new friends and adventures and I can’t wait to read about them. Don’t let anyone bring you down. We both know the emotions will never go away but they make us stronger and aware. I’m so excited for you guys”

“Just want you to know that I love you!!!! Truly I do! I’m going to miss you if that even makes sense. Yet I’m so stoked for you & your family…what an adventure! You make me believe!!!! Believe that anything can happen, dreams can come true!!! Sending you a Huge Hug!!!! “

We are now in Costa Rica and finding our new way of life in the short time we’ve had our feet planted. Each day it will unfold as it’s meant to.

xo ~ much love, Krista K

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