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Come Dance with Me

Over the past few weeks many new followers have popped up here & I’m extremely grateful for every one of you. 🙏 Over the years it’s taking me quite a while to get comfortable with calling myself a certain “title”. As a professional Life coach helping you stop the cycle of people pleasing habits, looks different today than it did a year ago. And I love that. As I grow… My coaching grows. As I change, my coaching changes. As I unlearn old habits & challenge old beliefs and learn new ways of becoming my most authentic self… my teaching and coaching becomes more authentic and true. It’s truly a beautiful dance of being in the trenches of school of life on the daily daily, and learning from books & getting certified as a professional.

Therefore weaving the two in order to help you become the best version of yourself. Years ago I was all about the hustle and grind to make yourself “better”. (Ps. It doesn’t work) Today, I sat here staring out at the ocean - waves rolling in one after the other crashing into the sand … one thing became very clear about what I want to help you become and what I help my current clients become is…. Awareness of “self” 💜 In order to unlearn or change any form of habits we have, we must first become aware of them. ***** Through my coaching practises via one on one private weekly Zoom calls… We gently, lovingly & with a truck ton of compassion & grace, take a look at all the patterns that we’ve created in our life that have led us to where we are today. Especially the ones that no longer serve us For me … it was pleasing those around me HOPING they would like me, accept me & validate me (therefore Finding my worth in what others thought of me). (Ps. Again… it doesn’t work) Through inner child healing, journaling, meditations, crying & laughing, sharing stories, reflections,self-acceptancee & forgiveness — I help you move forward in your life in the direction you desire - by stepping into the unknown while I walk right beside you. The whole time xo This is my purpose. This is the gift God has given me…

Love 💜you Send me a message if you'd like to dive deeper on this message. Much Love, ~ Krista K

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