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It's About The Journey

ITS ABOUT THE JOURNEY —- not just the destination ⁣

How many times have you heard this? I know for myself, I’ve heard it and been told it .. A LOT. Mostly because I’m so excited to get wherever it is that I”m going, I forget to relish in the moments leading up to the ending of whatever it may be.

A business launch.

A trip to Maui.

A birthday party planned.

A fitness goal. Here’s a Fun fact about our family. We love road trippin. We love to hop in a car and head on out to the wide open spaces and with a destination in sight, while along the way making stops, making new paths along the way. We’ve clocked A-LOT of miles & hours in our vehicle making many memories that we’ll talk about for years to come⁣ This past month we loaded up the Van and headed down to Arizona for a week of fun in the sun.

The three days were long & hot with no air-conditioning in our vehicle in 42c as we rolled down the highway through Salt Lake city Utah. At one point I thought the dash was going to start melting from the heat.

Thankfully, Carmen had a brilliant idea of filling our big blue cooler with Ice & Water. We’d then dip rags into the icy water and wrap the cold rags all over our bodies. We’d wipe our face, arms, legs, feet anything just to keep cool.

As much as I was hot & felt the frustration from the heart wearing on me, we found ourselves laughing so though the whole thing.

Who drives a vehicle through the hottest states in the USA in the middle of Summer with no Air Con?

WE DO. I like to break the silence with “ok, guys we’re making memories.”

I found we’d take the quiet time needed when the relentless heat from the sun wouldn't let up, re-focus on what truly matters.

Our journey. This was just a moment in time, a phase, a blip on the clock of life. We chose to make the most of it knowing we were ending up at the most beautiful lake for a week of cooling off. Just like life. We have to stop and smell the flowers, so they say. Stop and look around you.

Stop right where you are, appreciating the struggles knowing they are making you stronger.

Look at the greatness all around you, focus on the good. This beautiful piece of Art was found in a small town named Beaver, Utah. ⁣ We stopped for one of our nights there, taking a little stroll into the small town.

We found this gem. Hello Mr. Elk.

So Grateful to have almost all the family together making great memories along the way.

Remember that when you’re in a hurry, stressed out, just want to GET THERE, BE DONE, FINISHED, whatever it is for you;

take a few moments and enjoy where you are right in this moment.

Much love,

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