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People Pleasing

I learned along time ago to not care what other people think of me .... - The problem was my heart knew it, yet my mind/ego kept reminding me, pestering me, sabotaging me into believing I really needed to care what others thought of me in order to be successful, own my power, walk my truth, make choices, live my own life, speak my story - “Care about what other people think & you will always be their prisoner” - 💕 - Then this happened 👆🏻

What I know for sure ....the weight of other people’s thoughts can and will become too much of a burden for you. It will inhibit you from living the life you want and love - The skill of making an effort to stop giving a damn what others think of me is a daily practice, like a meditation practice. I practice it daily, I positive mind chatter daily to let it go. It works 99% of the time 😄 - I’m better than three years ago, I’m hundred times better than last month, and today I feel free. I see the world through different lenses... mine. - Once you give up catering to others peoples opinion & thoughts, you will find out who you truly are, what you believe inside, & the freedom that comes. - Looking forward to many more minutes, days, weeks, months and years hearing my own voice while continuing to seek out wise counsel -

Be you. Be confident in what you say and with your actions. When you speak, act and know what you are saying is coming from a place of love kindness and grace, you can’t and won’t go wrong.

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