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50 Lessons I've Learned

In honour of the big 5 0  

1. If people want to leave your life, let them go. You’ll never have to beg for those that want to be there

2. Your peace is what’s the most important. More than making sure they are comfortable

3. The more you learn to accept others just as they are, the quicker you get to decide where they fit in your life

4. Speaking up no matter how uncomfortable it makes you, will always be the way to inner freedom and empowerment

5. The more you know & accept yourself - the less you need others to accept you. Rejection won’t hurt near as much

6. Showing up, being yourself is where and when you will find your circle of people

7. Surrendering to what is and actually going with the flow is the most beautiful gift you can give yourself

8. Your intuition is your God given navigation system - use it

9. Nothing is forever. Pain, loss, love, happiness - the quicker we realize this, the deep acceptance for what is - sinks in.

10. Family gatherings are like sitcoms; drama is inevitable, but love trumps it all

11. Laughter is a powerful elixir; sprinkle it generously and everywhere

12. Learning to actually be in the moment, be where you’re feet are - is the greatest sense of peace

13. The best stories are not just written; they are lived, embraced, and shared with others

14. Time spent in nature is never wasted; it nurtures the soul

15. Never put a time limit on grief. Let the waves come crashing down and feel it all - it’s never over ; they just come less often

16. Embracing change is a constant, empowering force - learn the dance

17. Authentic connections with a few people outweigh the superficial popularity

18. Forgiveness liberates you like nothing else

19. Sometimes the most loving thing you can do for yourself is stay in bed all day long

20. Define success in your own terms -

it’s subjective to each of us

21. Cooking without a recipe is an advanced life skill

22. Being around pets is the best therapy you’ll ever do

23. Quoting your own quotes is a sign of true wisdom  clothed in a little ego

24. Cherish your health. It’s the foundation for living a fulfilling life

25. Prioritize your mental health - cornerstone of happiness

26. Get those healthy, firm loving boundaries in place. Self care 101

27. Transform your perspective on life by giving gratitude each and everyday

28. Get your sleep! Essential for making quality decisions

29. Get curious about others POV - rather than judging - You’ll find you have a lot more in common with others

30. Reinvent yourself as many times as you need to - never too late to write a new chapter

31. Never be afraid or ashamed to reach out for help. We are all walking this life path together - to help each other

32. There’s no such thing as perfection- only excellence

33. Disconnect from technology as often as you need to. It’s incredibly freeing

34. Celebrate your wins. Big small and everything in between

35. Learn to express your feelings - communication is the key to understanding each other

36. Be aware of who you surround yourself with

37. Learn to say NO. It’s a powerful self care tool

38. Use your past as a lesson to learn from, not as a crutch to stay stuck

39. Value your solo time. It’s perfect for self reflection & growth

40. Walk Into your fears. They lose a lot of their power when faced head on

41. Stay adaptable. Life ebs and flows - go with it

42. It’s never ever too late to embrace your passion

43. Learn to love and appreciate the one body you were given

44. Time is the most precious commodity for yourself and others. Respect it

45. Your energy is sacred. Be selective who you give it to

46. Kindness will always win. Always

47. Failing is learning. Learning is growth

48. Opportunities are everywhere - keep your eyes open

49. If you love someone - tell them. Show them - we aren’t promised tomorrow

And finally….

50. Stop living to please others. Be True to Yourself: Authenticity leads to genuine happiness and fulfillment

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