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Why are you in your Bathrobe?

“Umm why are you in a housecoat giving us advice. That’s so unprofessional”

“Do me a favour, throw your nose ring into the river”

“Your hair! Did you get caught in a windstorm?”

“Your voice is so annoying - I don’t know how anyone listens to you”

“Yea you’re only talking like this because you’re an entitled little bit*h”

they just keep coming … hair, ring, voice, clothes

And these are comments from only one of the videos that blew up on TikTok

There plenty more where those came from

A few years ago I would’ve backed down, hide, slunk back to my “rightful place” of staying quiet

Those days are long gone… you see, I’ve spent to much of my life pleasing other.

Strangers nonetheless

Now these comments are like gasoline to an already blazing fire I give them minimal energy - if anything - I feel love and compassion for them

I can’t imagine what their lives must be like to take 20 seconds and leave a snarky comment on a random post

I don’t have time for that stuff

So many of us have stayed quiet. Kept the peace. Not rocked the boat. Said yes to far too many things that suck our every last energy nerve

Allllll of this is to say …

My souls calling is to help others shine

Speak up Set those loving boundaries Be you - Learn to Detach from the naysayers and comments that will 100% come when you start living you’re life on your terms

I will never dim my light no matter how loud the balcony row gets

And I will never stop sharing what my heart & soul feel compelled to bring to the table

Who’s with me??

If you'd like to dive deeper on this topic, please reach out to me & let's do this.

Much Love,

Krista K xo

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