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You Are Enough

We should never feel we aren't good enough just as we are, or that being ourselves is wrong ~ however, it's not uncommon to feel that way

Have you ever felt the pressure to be someone or something you're not?

Have you struggled to be your real self or where to fit in?

I did. For years I found myself morphing into whatever situation I'd put myself in to be liked and accepted at that moment

leaving me NOT being my genuine self, but rather what I thought others wanted me to be

And I know I'm not alone.

We feel the need to be someone other than how we were created. Society sure doesn't help by shining spotlights on Celebrities, Models, IG fakeness, or athletes that "look" like they have it all

And it's so NOT TRUE.

When we can begin to recognize our own unique traits, gifts, talents, behaviors and skill sets - we can then begin to get comfortable in who we are from the inside out.

"Happiness is an inside job" means to start accepting all parts of who you are, the great, the good, the work in progress, ... ALL.THE.THINGS. ___________________

Know you're not alone in this arena. I'm here with you - getting my ass kicked and rising back up :)

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