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You Are Needed

There are FAR more people in need than there are people sharing and healing in this world.... If and when you fall into the comparison trap of what others are doing, or have done, you will block yourself from ever moving forward with what you want to deliver to this world. If and when you fall into the trap of “what will they think” you’ll stop yourself in your tracks before your dream ever gets traction.

When I first started my online business years ago, my coach at the time asked me what my biggest hurdle was – I remember clearly saying “I find myself comparing myself to what everyone else is doing”.

Ahhhh, there it was. The one thing that was stopping me from moving forward in my life… truly moving forward. I was too busy looking at what everyone else was doing & not focusing on my own lane and what I wanted to bring to this world. Always remember that:

YOUR way of speaking on stage, YOUR way of sharing how to set boundaries, YOUR way of doing the perfect set of gel nails has NOT been done before.

Do not stop because you think it's been done. There is enough to go around. You are special, unique and gifted with talents that only YOU can bring to this world and help heal those in need of your gifts When you share from a place of authentic caring deep in your soul, the world feels it and WE NEED YOU!

Much Love, Krista K

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